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Transcend boundaries and elevate your vaping experience to the outer realms of style and potency. Our Sugar Baby hybrid strain, an original creation from CAKE She Hits Different, is the perfect companion for this cosmic adventure. This reliable and potent strain offers nuanced sweetness and earthy undertones, delivering that classic fresh kush flavor you love. It’s the ultimate way to indulge in luxury and elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.

Experience the future of vaping with Designer Distillate by CAKE She Hits Different Pens – where style, potency, and flavor collide in a cosmic symphony of delight! 🚀✨


🌟 Step into a world of luxury and innovation with Designer Distillate by CAKE She Hits Different! 🌟

Prepare for an out-of-this-world experience with our game-changing 1.25 gram all-in-one cosmic vape pod. We’ve packed 25% more oil and over 90% total cannabinoids into this sleek pod, delivering a whopping 1,000mg of THC in three designer colors. It’s not just a vape – it’s a statement, a journey, and a whole new level of sophistication.

22 reviews for SUGAR BABY [HYBRID]

  1. loki

    By far the best ever!

  2. donutzz3423

    Magically transforms my crappy day into an awesome one.

  3. shirtsxx

    Taste a bit diesely but I was relaxed and happy afterward

  4. uallupp

    Great flavor! This won’t be the last time I order from CAKE, that’s a promise!

  5. trippytiff

    just enough to where I can function and I’m not too stoned thank you so much!!!!

  6. LolaRamz

    I’m on my 5th pod and no mechanical/device problems, no pod leaks.

  7. elimshen

    I can confidently tell anyone who is reading this that every time I used this SUGAR BABY HYBRID, it has been nothing but a good time.

  8. Zuesonlysmokeswoods

    Wow, taste great and helped my stomach and back pains. Honestly a subtle high and a very nice combination of relaxing. If youre looking for something to get super high go for this brand. This is for that subtle relaxing high. Maybe before a movie, or after working out. Helps the body and gives you what you need. I fell its perfect. im writing this hitting this pod and its great.

  9. cloudylilly

    midol or pamprin doesn’t ease my cramps anymore unless i take like 4 pills and then still wait like 40 mins for it to kick it. but with this pod you can feel the pain relief quick. i took a bunch of hits and i was completely relaxed and pain free. never thought something like this would take away my pain so fast. now i don’t let my period stop me from doing anything😄

  10. rocketappliantist

    Lifelong stoner, but this stuff is really a perfect balance of the thc. While it won’t get me overly high, i find my muscles relaxing and feeling generally loose, when typically I’m very tense and anxious. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to take the edge off significantly, without getting too ripped.

  11. L.A.Dankness

    Super Dank! Right away you can taste the mango and as soon as u exhale u can feel it all over your body. I use this before i sleep and idk if its just me but this pod burns slower than the other ones. The oil is not as thick as the other pods u can actually move the air bubble around. Relaxing heavy high.

  12. silversoul

    I want to start by saying the flavor is amazing!!

  13. abimota

    🙂 Will be getting this again.

  14. 4l4b4m4KUSH

    this will have you sitting on your couch enjoying life! Better taken if you have a fuzzy companion to chill with.

  15. Tokeee420

    The high is really mellow and my body felt really heavy and relaxed. Definitely buying this again

  16. Smokinogkush420

    This is some dank stuff, perfect for people that have pain and don’t want to go the opiate = opposite route, herbal= natural route, good stuff great taste

  17. Anonymous

    Great product. Nice Taste. Good cerebral high for creative writing or organizing your screws on the workbench. Uplifts the spirit and assists in focusing your thoughts.

  18. sgilpin

    Amazing taste on top of a soothing feel. Great quality as always!

  19. MSparda

    This was my first 1:1 pod, and man did it blow me away. You get a nice “controlled” high which just helps relax, get rid of any stress and pain. This saved my life when I was going through pretty bad back spasms. I’m gonna make sure I have this on hand at all times!

  20. wheeliegirl

    I’m new to vaping and haven’t smoked weed in decades. This is my second foray into vaping and I’m pleased. The other brand I tried burns my throat and doesn’t taste that good.

  21. KAMIone

    After about a dozen hits I really felt a peace of mind and got such a nice sleep. You definitely feel the difference between smoking this pod vs smoking the normal pods.

  22. georgezav

    made me feel relaxed n chill, made me forget about how corrupt the Govnt is, got it quick

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