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18 reviews for GEN 7 CAKE DISPOSABLE [100 STACK]

  1. corona

    it’s fire. get smacked after a couple hits

  2. Levantine

    Worked well, got slapped around all week hahaha

  3. summerslice420

    I usually take a few puffs before I sleep. And man, I feel really relaxed the very next day!

  4. Hernandez

    Great for on the go and easy access 🔥

  5. matreshelbna

    Good THC on this! Lasts a while too!

  6. tetrahydro

    dank on deck good delivery service and comes on time perfection

  7. brendanlopez

    Never can go wrong with the cake always fire!

  8. ReginaConnorz

    Handy little thing! Good for those weekends when you just want to grab something quick that’s going to tide you through

  9. martasanasiyaran

    One of my all time greats, should be in the hall of fame hahaha never fails to get me into my happy zone

  10. munoz

    no matter how many times it try this shiiiiiit…. never gets old

  11. TheKhipyasngaGold

    It’s so amazing. Great for depression too as it’s euphoric and mood uplifting.

  12. tasnammagara

    Nice calming effect that has my life feeling a little bit better.

  13. haltertop

    This is a wonderful indica pod with great flavor!

  14. endlessstation

    This is very good. The perfect sleepy time companion. I’m new to smoking- have bad insomnia chronic pain .Never felt so relaxed/pain free.

  15. Loco

    I ve been smokin for many moons.From Indiana gotta go 2 mi but yeah best ive had so far.

  16. lifted

    since I’m no longer in a space where I can smoke joints, I appreciate this pen, its real solid. pretty quick on the draw and I’ve not had any battery issues (and I brought it three months ago). two hits and I think you’ll be just fine

  17. sherraganu

    Tastes great just like candy, inhalable candy that gets your mind drifting off to beautiful things.

  18. JennF

    Uplifted my mood and is very relaxing. I use it during the day and I’m able to function. Great flavor, great product. Best vape I ever had.

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