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Blue-Eyed Blondie, Electric Gelato, Pop Rocks, Watermelon Warheads, Elmers Glue, Royal Strawberry, Stoned Ape, Cherry Goddess, Diesel Daddy, Fritter Glitter, Molly Magic, Raspberry Rocket, Sour Patch Haze, Blueberry Kush, Oreo Mudslide, Purple Cobstopper, Sapphire Kush, Snozzberry, Wizard Smoke, Cotton Candy, Funky Charms, Zkittlez x Kush Cake, Jelly Belly, Peanut Butter Jelly, Sour Dum Dums, Dulce Vida, Magic Macarons, Pineapple Slushy, Super Duper Lemon

13 reviews for GEN 6 CAKE DISPOSABLES [5 STACK]

  1. martasanasiyaran

    I love the state it puts me. The flavor works too IMO. The disposable is good value as well

  2. davitayangaris8

    I’m not a very like experienced smoker, but I got to say, this is awesome!

  3. HighLambret

    Well worth the price, great value aaaand more importantly the fade it gave me was special!

  4. njoshep

    Another good disposable that just destroys bad days. I cap the night off some days.

  5. madisonbeverly

    Cause Cake is superb

  6. dstaranagaritay

    One of the few disposable I actually liked

  7. SantoshiZ

    If I need a disposable, I grab this. It’s more than just good!

  8. CgeLha_Pyuthic

    Top shelf strain that made me feel on top of the world

  9. zonsunnanguller

    The high makes me feel like it’s my birthday hahah

  10. goldesrulfu

    Grab this cake! This will get you some pretty good fades!

  11. lilbabyke

    The high hits as soon as you finish your pull. It’s a giggly and body high, I felt like very relaxed. The only downfall was that the battery died on me before the pod was finished. 🙃

  12. carolean

    Nice flavor 7/10 Potency 9/10 Nice big hits off this lil thang

  13. izzzraelll

    This thing is fire, exceeded my expectations a thousand times!

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