Cake She Hits Different Kiwi Burst

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Kiwi Burst Designer Distillate by CAKE She Hits Different.

Embark on an interstellar journey with our game-changing 1.25 gram all-in-one cosmic Cake She Hits Different Kiwi Burst vape pod.

25% More oil. 90%+ total cannabinoids. 1,000mg THC. Three designer colors.

Transcend boundaries and experience the outer realms of style and potency.

Kiwi Burst [ Indica ]

A vibrant explosion of tangy-sweet kiwi that ignites the palate with its tropical zest while delivering a heavy hitting high.


Elevate your vaping experience with Cake Disposable She Hits Different! Say goodbye to subpar vapes and hello to smooth, high-quality satisfaction in every puff. No need to fuss with refills or charging – just unbox, vape, and enjoy the difference. Join the ranks of discerning vape enthusiasts who choose Cake Disposable for an unparalleled vaping experience.

4 reviews for Cake She Hits Different Kiwi Burst

  1. Watson🇬🇧

    The effects was amazing. The flavor is awesome

  2. Favour

    I love cake disposables

  3. Waleska

    Y’all the best fs the cartridge is amazing didn’t take that long to get it delivered fs gonna keep getting shit from u thanks 🙏

  4. Denis A

    Great product

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