Cake She Hits Different Cryo-Cured Resin Strawberry Haze


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Sativa  THC —CBD — 1G Resin Infused Disposable — 5th GEN

Cake She Hits Different Cryo-Cured Resin Strawberry Haze

Cake She Hits Different Strawberry Haze, also known as “Arjan’s Strawberry Haze,” was created by Arjan and introduced on the market in 2006. In 2005, Strawberry Haze won 1st prize at the Green House Very Important Smokers Panel, Also, The buds of Strawberry Haze smell of strawberries and provide a sweet taste, which is heightened when roots are given free rein in the soil. It is characterized as a tall plant with long branches. this flavor is a simple plant to grow and maintain, as it is known to be adaptable to humidity. Flowering time is approximately 10 weeks with a THC level of up to 20% and CBD of 1.2%.

Introducing Cake She Hits Different Cryo-Cured Resin, the next level in live resin experience! 🌿💨

Prepare to be blown away by Cake She Hits Different Strawberry Haze as our flower is harvested at its prime and immediately cryogenically frozen at an astonishing -238 degrees F. ❄️ This revolutionary process locks in up to 50% of the incredible terpene and cannabinoid profiles, resulting in an unparalleled flavor explosion and an unforgettable user experience. ⚡️

We are grateful for your support as we continue to push boundaries and bring you the best cannabis products. Join Cake She Hits Different on this extraordinary journey and let’s elevate together! 💓

Made with love by The Cake She Hits Different Team, because we believe in delivering nothing but exceptional quality.

  • Cake She Hits Differently 1G Resin Disposables STRAIN HIGHLIGHTS

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    Dry eyes
    Dry mouth
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