Cake She Hits Different Disposable Cream Pie


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  • 1 Grams of Delta 9 per Disposable
  • Available in 10 Strains including Indica, Sativa and Hybrid
  • Sleek, Rechargeable and Reliable Battery

About  Cake She hits different 1 gram Delta 9 Disposable

Discover the new line of Cream Pie Disposable Delta 9 products from the Cake she hits different Brand. The Cake 1 gram Delta 9 disposable vape is Cake’s first step into producing new Cannabinoids. The wide spread success of our most popular Delta 9 products is sure to carry over to this Delta 10 device. Customers who choose Cake Disposable Carts claim they have the most potent and highest quality distillate available. Each Cake Delta 9 disposable contains 1 gram of Delta 9 THC per device and comes in a beautifully redesigned, pen-style battery that is rechargeable and more reliable than their older devices.


Only Buy Authentic Cake She Hits Different Delta 9 Products


Cake She Hits Different ensure all products are 100% authentic. New Cake Disposable  packaging has an enhanced authorization system to prevent unauthorized and potentially dangerous clones.

Cake She Hits Different Cream Pie Delta 9 Disposable Strains Include:

  • Cake She Hits Different Appleberry – Indica
  • Cake She Hits Different Strawberry Mochi – Hybrid
  • Cake She Hits Different Jack Diesel – Sativa
  • Cake She Hits Different Forbidden Muffin – Hybrid
  • Cake She Hits Different Sugar Plum – Sativa
  • Cake She Hits Different Green Tea – Sativa
  • Cake She Hits Different Island Honey – Sativa
  • Cake She Hits Different Electric Lemonade – Sativa
  • Cake She Hits Different Lucky Cake – Hybrid
  • Cake She Hits Different Atomic Haze – Sativa


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