Cosmic Cookies – 1.25G Pod [ Hybrid ]

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Cosmic Cookies Designer Distillate by CAKE She Hits Different.

Embark on an interstellar journey with our game-changing 1.25 gram all-in-one cosmic CAKE she hits different Cosmic Cookies vape pod.

25% More oil. 90%+ total cannabinoids. 1,000mg THC. Three designer colors.

Transcend boundaries and experience the outer realms of style and potency.

Cosmic Cookies [ Hybrid ]

A CAKE Team favorite. Celestial hints of sugar, starry sprinkles of earth, and a nebula of fragrant undertones. Undeniably irresistible.


And when it’s time for a recharge, it’s a breeze with the USB-C port. No more waiting around – you’re back to enjoying the gold standard in no time. Its convenience at its best. Cake She Hits Different Disposable isn’t just a vape; it’s your ticket to unforgettable moments. Savor it solo, share it with friends, or make it a part of your social gatherings. It’s your adventure, and CAKE is here to make every moment extraordinary.

19 reviews for Cosmic Cookies – 1.25G Pod [ Hybrid ]

  1. cardoneriley

    One of my favorites and to constantly always a must have in my rotations. Just love the hit! Gets you relax and high fast.

  2. davitayangaris

    My favorite strain..

  3. zoey

    I wasn’t sure if it was in stock, but here it is! Relaxed and happily revitalized!

  4. rachel

    I hit this when I chill with friends, always seems to make them moments awesome!

  5. jayperra

    feels good. never fails to relax me

  6. soph

    Tastes really good and gives me a nice high! Relaxing, but not too tiring and puts me in a calm happy mood.

  7. russg

    Great taste, strong relaxed high, can’t go wrong with this indica-leaning hybrid.

  8. OldSoul

    pods weren’t doing much for me. I bought this as my first distillate pod in a long time, and it really shocked me.

  9. summerslice

    This baby has a special place in my heart. First one I tried and one I keep coming back to no matter what other products I try.

  10. Itsthatdanytho

    Ugh BEST HYBRID. I can’t find a fault. Smell is great, taste TRY IT TRY IT TRY IT

  11. yaboykenjiro

    I highly recommend this product. Gives a great high and relaxes your whole body.

  12. stickyonmyfinga

    The flavor is amazing, and the high is pretty good. For a heavy smoker, I do hit the pen a lot, but it’s great for good flavor and jumping into the pool for some drinks!

  13. medlinkcc

    Friendly, and very Helpful!! Thanks again

  14. Argessive


  15. Emeri

    Great and sweet Cart must try it!

  16. KkushyPunch

    Great flavor & potency

  17. wheeliegirl

    It was very smooth. A much better experience

  18. Saraphiene

    Honestly it’s comparable to heavy hitting indica but it’s a hybrid. Be forewarned that this hits hard!

  19. AlessandraE

    Overall this has to be the best flavor you can taste the HIT & hits wonderful and will definitely do its job it will have you relaxed on chill mode

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CAKE she hits different Cosmic Cookies Designer DistillateCosmic Cookies – 1.25G Pod [ Hybrid ]
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