Twisted Berries – 1.25G Pod [ Sativa ]

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Twisted Berries Designer Distillate Disposable by CAKE She Hits Different.

Embark on an interstellar journey with our game-changing 1.25 gram all-in-one cosmic cake disposable twisted berries vape pod.

25% More oil. 90%+ total cannabinoids. 1,000mg THC. Three designer colors.

Transcend boundaries and experience the outer realms of style and potency.

Twisted Berries [ Sativa ]

A melody of rich, tangy berries with subtle floral undertones that add an interesting complexity. Deliciously intricate and satisfying.


Ready to elevate your vaping experience to the next level? Introducing CAKE DISPOSABLE – the ultimate choice for vaping connoisseurs! Packed with premium live resin and pre-filled for your convenience, these disposables deliver top-notch quality and flavor in every puff. Say goodbye to messy refills and hello to a hassle-free vaping experience with CAKE DISPOSABLES!

21 reviews for Twisted Berries – 1.25G Pod [ Sativa ]

  1. Queen

    I’m a nightly user and these are quick acting on pain and give you a perfect light airy feeling and bubbly sense of happiness. After my first one I turned around and got multiple flavors and styles.

  2. Roy

    One of my best purchases I’ve ever made, these carts hits you with the quickest. Love it!!!

  3. LottieDotDa

    This is one of the original sativa. It is a classic at making you feel relaxed and putting you to sleep.

  4. enjoy

    This strain gives you a cool smooth uplifting high that leaves you smiling for no reason. it’s perfect to enjoy your favorite TV shows/movies And if it’s time to go to bed you will fall asleep no problem.

  5. jobbysiayja

    I have this on me whenever I get out of the house! I love it! Businessmen carry a pen with them at all times, I carry this!

  6. jobbysiayja

    I have this on me whenever I get out of the house! I love it! Businessmen carry a pen with them at all times

  7. Mrsjennykujo

    This was my first time ordering and definitely not the last. I placed my order and I received a phone call pretty quickly because the item I ordered was sold out but I was given choices on other strains that were in-stock and when I asked for a recommendation and went with it I was definitely not disappointed.

  8. rasniyanlasnaiyan

    hits a wee bit hard but it tasted cool.

  9. GreenPrincessofDank

    This really helps me from a very tiring work. Relaxing and gets rid of minor body pains. I’m starting to love this.

  10. rasniyanjasiyaran

    I had this about 4 times , never failed me yet. I guess it’s consistently good

  11. rasmikamandana

    Always had a preference for this strain, this is great. Had me in a cloud of good vibes

  12. WeeDizzy

    Best of the disposables

  13. matreshelbna

    Another disposable with decent THC. I been using disposables lately cause I keep losing my device.

  14. goldesrulfu

    This got me through some stressful moments! 5 stars!

  15. juliascfld

    Top tier! better than most of what I tried in the past

  16. samantahwendy

    This one is as good as regular pods, there really shouldn’t be any difference. It’s as awesome as the regular cake

  17. lavalavagurl

    Haven’t tried this in a while… But the last time I tried it was from a friend like 4 months ago. I’m getting one for myself tomorrow!

  18. purplepoke

    It makes me excited to get things done and it can be relaxing when you wanna relax.

  19. zeeke

    first time using cake definitely not the last very nice relaxing buzz from this


    Bomba ASF worth the deal and the tip

  21. Nathanwalker

    Another one I got for a weekend trip. This lasted satisfyingly long and made the weekend a lot more fun!

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